The Smoking Gun: Time Waster

One of my long cherished beliefs is that I can tell a lot about someone just by looking at them. I’m probably not the only person in the world that thinks they have this superpower.

The Smoking Gun — the interwebs crime rag — has a pretty fun casual game that will test your abilities on that front. It’s a matching game that they call “Time Waster”. The gist of it: you match mug shots with a reported feature of that person, like the crime weapon, their self-reported occupation, the crime, or their tattoos.

I think this game is genius on a couple fronts:

1) the difference between your own perception of yourself and a quick test of that perception drives the game.

2) the game simplicity and speed of the feedback drives addiction. Reminds me a bit of the dynamics that surface in other addictive casual games, like Angry Birds.

3) the only real notification mechanism is clicking on the FB Like button — which I’m not going to do, but I thought hard about it <g>. But what a great way to drive FB Likes, eh?

I’ve played this game on and off for a couple years. I’m not sure what this has done for TSG traffic but it certainly has boosted my own awareness of the site and for very cheap I bet their getting a good bang for their buck.

Oh, and I have yet to get a SINGLE correct pick on the occupation matching games. Not one! Ouch.



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