The Month of Streaking — Wrap

So I tried reasonably hard in July to win the ESPN prediction game Streak For The Cash — in a famously “whacky” sports month, where typical action is dogdays MLB and Finnish premier league soccer and where the WNBA is a “mainstream” sport, I played every day consistently and did at least 30 seconds research on my picks rather that just picking the consensus winners.


No dice for me. The winner got a streak of 23 — my longest was 14. For most wins, the winner had 116 — I got 82. Flo had a terrible month, with 872 people ahead of her, but she had 86 wins so I wasn’t even one of those bums.

While the game is a lot of fun to play solo, the game does not help with the social action at all. I had no idea when people joined the group without logging in a checking. I had no idea that Jeremiah was sneaking up on my W14.

Basically the play-with-a-friend feature is a “room” where you can see your friends scores, but it amounts to nothing more than a “private leaderboard”, a lot like the PGA has been doing awesomely now on their killer shot-tracking leaderboard.

There’s no prize — not even a crappy badge — for a private group winner. In fact there’s no real winner. Is it the person with longest streak? the most wins? the best percentage? No indication — just a group of players. Arrgghh!

Getting into a group is a bit of a challenge, communicating with group members is weird — certainly neither is as good as even an average fantasy football game. Arrrggggh!

Worst of all there’s no history — every month the deck gets cleared with no way on “the morning after” of even seeing the standings! Super Arrrrggghh!

Where are the simple, fast, social prediction games? OK, heads down on bringing H2H to B3TZ — enough goofing around!


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