The Month of Streaking — Kickoff

sftc1I’ve been playing the ESPN game Streak For The Cash (SFTC) game for a few years now and loving the heck out of it. You could pretty fairly say that it is one of our main proof points at B3TZ world headquarters that a long-running prediction game can work well and make money.

The format is simple: STFC publishes a dozen or so sports predictions every day. The player can only make one pick at a time, but when the pick resolves they can pick again. Players attempt to put together a streak of consecutive wins and the person with the longest streak at the end of the month gets $50,000.

What makes it especially juicy is that with this simple format they’ve added a couple mini-games — the player with the most wins in a month gets $2500, or you can form your own “group”, like a fantasy sports league, and play against one or many friends for whatever stakes you choose. Or you can join a special group of about 150,000 people to play against Flo, the irritating Progressive spokesperson, where anyone who gets more total wins than Flo is put in a random drawing for $1000 — last month there were 137 people who got more than 102 wins, which is what Flo got.

Besides group mini-games there are stunt days — longest streak for the day — and the Stash. Altogether there are probably five or six ways to win, besides the general satisfaction of putting together a nice win streak and feeling that the universe kinda likes you.

All the scores reset at the beginning of the month so yesterday was day one. I did OK — I got all 4 of my picks correct, which landed me in the top 2500 people of about 20,000 that played the first day. I think the player count gets upwards of several hundred thousand by the end of the month, so if I can stay in the top 1000 I’ll be pretty stoked.

Hey, Radwanska just broke Na in the third set in the Wimbledon quarters! I got a shot baby! More later..

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