Social Login Is Still A Thing?


At B3TZ world headquarters we periodically debate the value of having social logins for our game. We were originally platformed on Facebook until all their rule changes caught up with us and we were forced off, along with a lot of other game makers.

But we’ve kept Facebook login as a way to connect to our site and we’ve been recently revisiting that decision.

After a little research I found a bit of social login data at Janrain, a company focused on connecting ID and marketing teams — see their games+ent relative data above. I couldn’t find any sample size or volume trend info, but assuming their numbers are reasonably kosher I guess the answer is YES, social logins are still a thing and Facebook is probably the one we should have.

Why do I sound surprised? Because I thought there was a trend was AWAY from social logins and TOWARD a couple other modes of managing identity:

1) Privacy is becoming a bigger deal for most people I know on social, and social login has a complicated “contract” with what gets shared and what doesn’t — who wants to keep track of Facebook’s drifting privacy features? Logging in with a social media account is convenient but do you want Facebook involved in all your junk? People aren’t figuring this out? I’ve fallen back to good old email with a strong password for most account, but clearly I’m not the norm.

2) Password management seems to be becoming a thing — I’m going to give LastPass a try for a while and I’ll report back. And if you’re worried about identity theft, then it’s probably a good idea to have some way to manage your core accounts. Keeping the same password forever is a recipe for disaster.

3) Throwaway password seem to be a thing too — that is, for sites that you don’t log into frequently, just hit the “Forgot Password” button and get a new one in 10 seconds and on you go. Don’t even try to pretend to remember it. Isn’t this what all the kids are doing these days?

At any rate, we’ll keep Facebook login for now on B3TZ and when we get a large enough sample size I’ll do the math to compare the “mail logins” vs. “facebook logins” vs. “throwaway passwords” and see how that data stacks up for us.


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