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In the last few months, with daily fantasy games getting a lot of attention, I keep getting asked something like — “When B3TZ grows up, will it look like Fanduel or DraftKings?”

For a prediction game with betting in its name, that’s a fair question.

The short answer is — probably not. B3TZ is aimed at casual game players and we intend to evolve it in the direction of a social network. We don’t have plans to hold money or profit directly from game play with any kind of “pay money to earn money” mechanic. We’re aiming for something more like QuizUp.

John Oliver (video above!) does a nice job of making the case that daily fantasy games would be considered gambling by most state laws in the US and it is only a matter of time before these games will get regulation.

I say “probably not” because this kind of gaming regulation still needs to be written and we may develop for-pay features that fall inside the new regulations some day. I’m certainly a fan of working inside of existing regulation instead of pushing the boundaries of regulatory enforcers or attempting to make a clever, nuanced argument to people with guns.

So we’ll see.. But the plan is to not do any form of money gaming and avoid this mess altogether.

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