More Human Than Human

tyrell_corpIn what is likely an alternate version of 2019, an artifical human named Roy Batty will be hunted and then turn the tables on his hunter, the Blade Runner Rick Deckard.

Today is Roy’s inceptday, the actual day he was “created” by the Tyrell Corp.

In his three years of life this Nexus 6 burned so very brightly. Of course he wanted more life (f***er!) but you could argue that he gave a master class on being human to Tyrell, JF, Pris, Deckard.. pretty much everyone including the teen-age version of me.

Happy birthday you big bad beautiful replicant dude!

One thought on “More Human Than Human

  1. Jeremy Mays

    1984, 2001, October 21, 2015, and now January 8, 2016. So strange to pass by these dates in once future imaginings. To be caught up in a story is a deeply human desire. Something about about encountering these imagined dates in time helps to awaken a bit more of that need. Thanks for this one and the lesson on humanity.


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