One of the local Seattle eSports startups that I’ve tracked on the Geekwire is Matcherino. Best I can tell, they are attempting to add some new ways for pro gamers to generate revenue — or “engage their audience”.

Normal engagement looks like the pro using their skills and ability to market themselves as cool to get views, comments, and if they’re really cool, donations of actual money. What do the fans get? Association with the pro, maybe even a comment reply or acknowledgement of existence. Standard high school pecking order management.

Matcherino is raising the bar by giving fans some more substantial ways of interacting with pros. So far Matcherino has —

  1. Crowdfund a prize pool for matching up two pros to play together for fan entertainment
  2. Allow a pro to easily play with a subscriber

Apparently there are more engagement features in the works..

I’m not knowledgeable enough on the communication patterns of streaming game fans to comment on how likely these features are to be appreciated, but I’d say any attempt to get pro gamers more money sounds like a good idea — as long as the benefit clearly outweighs the usage cost.

Learned that one from B3TZ the hard way.

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