Killing The Game

I’m always a sucker for founder stories so thanks to Robert for the heads-up on this interview with Mike Karnjanaprakorn. He’s a co-founder of Skillshare, a brilliant product — an online platform for low cost classes taught by regular people on things they’re good at.

What struck me in particular was hearing a version of “lean startup” that didn’t come from MBA types but had a grittier idiom. All the usual themes showed up — be scrappy, start small, iterate and grow, don’t waste time, and mostly, fail until it works — but with examples from video games, hiphop, street restaurants.

It fired me to get that prototype of the H2H B3TZ feature done today. Like, today.

And at some point I need to check out a movie that Mike referenced, How To Make Money Selling Drugs.

Last thing — I like how inarticulate and bumbly the whole conversation is, sort of an example of failing forward on its own. Apparently Mike cleans up nicely tho..

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