imaqtpie2If you want your kids to grow up to be an eSports celebrity, here’s an idea of what that looks like — Imaqtpie.

I spent some quality time watching this guy work. Basically he spends his days playing League of Legends on a live stream, and making commentary.


This is a job. See him on the bottom right corner? Yeah, he makes $8,000 a month from doing this.

Some details on how he generates his money here. The bottom line is that there are enough people who play this game (LOL) that understand what he’s doing, and find his commentary cool and informative.

The appeal is something like that of radio, ambient commentary and a form of community building.

For example, when you subscribe to his channel (costs you $5/ mo) one of the main benefits is that he gives you a shout out — he says your name and thanks you for joining. You are now a member, acknowledged and loved.

He’s clearly more than a “cutey pie” — he’s a shrewd marketer and has leveraged a passion with a clear knowledge of his audience. When you “sub” to his channel you become a member of the Big D*** Club — a name clearly top-of-mind and funny to a small but clearly passionate demographic.

Gotta love the focus.

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