Hello World

OK, back to daily blogging.

In the last couple months I’ve started feeling the need for a place on the intertubes where I can collect my thoughts, especially my thoughts on a collection of pompous large things like language and people and networks — and how those things relate to the practical problem of making games, like my project b3tz.

So far Facebook has failed me as place to think or even really have a conversation. I may be stubborn and stupid but the people who appear to be winning at Facebook seem to be my smart and broadly-engaged friends.

Twitter. I think I get it, and I’ll keep taking runs at it, but I haven’t landed a rhythm there. The people who seem to be nourished by Twitter appear to resonate with its essential broadcast nature.

I take various stabs at Digg and Delicious and Tumblr and Instagram and Youtube and Google+ and Flickr and dozens of other conectifiers but I haven’t gotten much to stick yet.

Here’s my theory:  Being useful online is all about contributing and connecting as a self-reinforcing cycle, and I think my best shot at contributing is probably in a topically focused, daily, longer-than-twitter, word-based format.

So let’s see how it goes.


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