Growth Engineering


Nice collection of words by Dan Kaplan on the decline of “Growth Hacking”.

My three takeaways —

1) From Josh Elman — “The atomic unit of growth is one person talking about a product to another person. It doesn’t matter if it’s an app, a new restaurant, or new toothpaste. The same principle applies.” Yep, word of mouth rules — no tricks, no math, no magic machines.

2) Another fine quote, from Chudnovsky — “The most powerfully growing products,” he says, “do three things at once: they make you look smart to the people you invite. They give real value to you when the people you invite join. And they give real value to the people you’ve invited once they sign up.”

3) Andy Johns says — “You can’t sustainably grow something that sucks.” That’s preaching to the anti-penis-curve choir.

At B3TZ world headquarters this stuff is all pretty much religion, but every once in a while the faithful still need to hear the good word.

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