Friends For Sale v2

stolen1Stolen showed up fresh on Product Hunt this week.

It looks like its being built by some of the same people that brought us Friends For Sale, the weirdly addictive “social” Facebook game from about 6-7 years ago.

This Stolen re-start is all about Twitter and mobile, apparently. I say apparently because they’re in some kind of Beta phase and I wasn’t in the first 1000 people to download the game, so I’m on the outside-reading-in.

If you see descriptions of the old FFS game and the comments on the Product Hunt page, I think it’s pretty much a straight port.

What I liked about the original — didn’t play core, just got my feet wet — was that the game was completely committed to using social mechanics (joining, sharing, liking, messaging, poking, etc.) as the actual game actions. Not a bolted-on social mechanics but the real deal.

The only way I could make sense of the game was to do what I did for Clash and Farmville when I went core on those — that is: ignore your real friends! Build a completely new set of online friends who understand that the social goo flying around isn’t “real” but just a way to use each other to level-up and dominate.

Anyway, will give this a go when I can get in.. and if anyone is already in and has comments I’d like to hear.

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