Flo the Time Lord


As a rabid ESPN Streak For The Cash player, I am bombarded by the game’s sponsor mascot — Progressive Flo — pretty much all day long. And following the hot mess of @sarahcuda‘s Beachmint story the last couple weeks has gotten me plenty of looks at the Lacy grill. Hard not to notice the freaky symmetry.

I’m with Lyons on Pando vs. Beachmint — it’s hard to take Dr. Who journalism seriously. Yes, start-up culture rewards aggressive “framing” by founders, sadly, and journalists beware. And yes, PandoDaily has taken a bright red-lipstick approach to getting stories — heck, they’re a start-up too, trying to build a brand.

It will be interesting to see if Sarah Lacy actually issues the widely looked-for “mea culpa” and where Pando will be in a year if she doesn’t.

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