Betting Bad

For the last season of the TV show Breaking Bad a collection of creative superfans have created a 4-season synopsis video and a prediction game for betting on the outcome of the final eight episodes on AMC.

It’s very cool to see a well-made, fan driven execution on some core B3TZ premises — that

1) passionate communities want *MORE* interaction with what they love, and

2) prediction games are a great way to intensify that passion, and

3) money isn’t what prediction games are about, they are about alignment with the universe, and candy, and

4) when passion goes deep enough it starts to go wide — that is, sustainable, organic reach comes from great content plus a core of crazy love fans who want to spread the word.

The game is obviously kinda cobbled together, but to its credit it is clean and pretty simple to understand. Seventy options, 30 picks — with safe, risky, and lethal plays. Since this was made by “outsiders” and the templates for “bets” have a lot of latitude, the game play is likely going to be pretty lumpy — heck, the game may be over by episode three if too much of the lethal stuff happens early or doesn’t happen at all.

The guys who made this are all creative pros — they were behind the fan-based viral hit The Seven Minute Sopranos a few years ago. AFAIK they’re not affiliated with the show or the AMC channel, and there are no prizes or sponsors on anything. Just love.

I’d love to see this thing go very viral. There were about 600 or so game players signed up earlier today. They close the game down on August 11 so let’s see where it goes. 50k? More?

I’m off to watch the first four seasons of Bad-ness. Hat tip to daily Warming Glow reader Steve.



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