Beautiful Decay No. 5

My brain is full of Graeber. I’m currently reading The False Coin of Our Own Dreams, his sweet and funny and wickedly smart attempt at an anthropological theory of value.

Plus I’m melancholy from some future work travel and the comfortable press of way way too much to do, most of it partially done..

It’s in this mental space that I discovered Handiedan, a dutch artist referred by my favorite local gallery, Roq La Rue, who will be showing her most of the month of July.

This is the picture that has done the most brain-smiting for me so far..

handiedan_print_75 (1)

I love her use of visual ornamentation as emotional grammar and her eye for composition vs. incompleteness — and in this piece I’m especially drawn to the language of confidence (money!) and desire (pin-ups). This makes music with my subconscious processing of the Graeber.

I have decided that she is the cover artist for a novel I have been imagining for 20+ years, the one about time-travelling robotic nuns and the Varangian Guard, set in Los Angeles and a silver-grassed version of the moon.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Decay No. 5

  1. admin Post author

    Pa, I’m not sure. Sometimes an unfulfilled dream redirects into other great things. This is probably not the place to point out that Hitler always wanted to be an architect.. 🙂


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