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Success Is Just Failure That Hasn’t Happened Yet


I love the current Priceline ad that features the dueling “life advice” soundbites from David Robinson and Latrell Spreewell. Clearly the mix of basketball and philosophy is aimed straight at some kind of pseudo-intellectual 40-55 yr old NBA fan demo. So yeah, bullseye.

But “and one” for Spreewell fans especially. Ask anyone who knows me — Spree is and always has been my favorite NBA player. Period. Obviously not a model citizen, but a guy who has always been effective as an outsider and successful on his own terms. He dreamed superhard and lived on the edges, the dunk nobody saw coming. He was the furiously transgressive miracle-twin to his laid back ‘Bama team-mate Big Shot Bob.

You all can keep The Admiral’s saccharine “hard work and a great attitude” advice — Spree’s re-purposed demotivator is much more interesting to me..

What better way to remind yourself that success isn’t a destination? and that no matter how successful you are someone will always find a way to frame you as a failure? and that even if you define success for yourself — hard to do! — there’s nothing permanent about it..